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Expanded Programme on Immunization (EPI)

During the month of June the Ministry of Health completed the third national round of tetanus toxoid vaccinations for all females aged 12-45 years.  The first two rounds were completed in October and November of 2008.  UNICEF provided primary support for the TT campaign.  During the first two rounds WHO support was primarily for the monitoring of campaign implementation in several districts. 

With the support of WHO, measles vaccine was added to the June 2009 round, targeting all children aged 9-59 months.  Through the recruitment and backstopping of local hires, WHO helped with the preparation of 3rd round microplans in the three most populous districts.  During the round WHO supported and coordinated the participation of 8 international monitors; 3 from Nepal, 2 from Bangladesh, 2 from CDC/Atlanta USA and 1 from Indonesia.   These monitors were present for the first two weeks of the campaign. WHO country staff also participated in the monitoring.

There will not likely be additional vaccination campaigns for the next 2-3 years, so the immunization programme focus is now expected to shift to assessing routine immunization coverage and the development of sub-district plans for increasing coverage.  WHO expects to have major involvement in this.  At present, true routine immunization coverage nationally is in the 60-70% range, depending on the antigen.  It is thought that about 20-30% of the national population does not presently have regular access to vaccination services.

Review of EPI and VPD [PDF KB]

Multi-year Plan 2009-2013 [PDF KB]

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